Telemundo Mujeres Imparables’ initiative reaches five years highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of the Latino community

March 9, 2024

Mujeres Imparables invites women to use their limitless power and be unstoppable

Telemundo launched its PSA celebrating Unstoppable Women (Mujeres Imparables) on Friday, March 8th. This initiative continues to highlight the strengths and contributions of Latinas to all sectors of the society, while encouraging them to break barriers, redefine their narratives and take charge of their destinies. Mujeres Imparables invites women to use their limitless power and be unstoppable.

“This year’s campaign for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day marks an important milestone in our continued effort to elevate and celebrate Latinas,” said Claudia Chagui, EVP, Marketing and Creative at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises. “We are marking five years since the launch of the Mujeres Imparables/Unstoppable Women initiative, and showcasing another strong campaign that highlights the diversity and vibrancy in our Latino community, reinforcing the strength women have and encouraging them to own their “unstoppablity”.

“At Telemundo, we celebrate women every day. We aim to inspire and support their  progress with everything we do. This year’s campaign reminds women that they can set the course for their own destiny, no matter who they are or what circumstances they face, they have what it takes to Be Unstoppable,” added the company in a statement.