Televisa: We will continue betting on quality and innovation in our productions

April 30, 2019

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Eduardo Clemesha Televisa

Eduardo Clemesha, VP, Entertainment at Televisa, assured that the company has bet on continuing to bring quality, budget, and innovation to their productions and the results show that the strategy has been correct. Me Caigo de Risa is Channel 5´s #1 entertainment program and is in the first places in the ranking of programs among all the channels in Mexico.

“Televisa is seeking to innovate, bring new things and fulfill the promise to maintain channel 5 on all year,” he stated. Regarding his role and path in the company, he highlighted: “Televisa lets you throw penalties, we fail many, but it is a company that allows you to bet on innovation and sometimes it is difficult. We bet on innovation, my bosses have faith in this”.

Clemesha offered details on reality about couples, Inseparables (40×120’), which they are already shooting and that will debut very soon. La Voz Kids, ¿Quién Tiene la Máscara?, Inseparables and Familias al Fuego will also join the programming. “We are going to test five entertainment formats in two channels. We are hopeful and very happy that quality and passion are being imprinted in the project, including stars, celebrities, great castings”.

The features they are seeking to acquire a format in order to adapt it, include for it to have innovation components, a path of success in other territories and also for it to be “tropicalize”.