TelevisaUnivision and Transmit partner on new feature to enhance social video ad creative and amplify viewer engagement across streaming platforms

April 11, 2024

Innovative Collaboration Introduces First-to-Market Capability, Amplifying Creator-First Content Reach Across TelevisaUnivision's OTT Platforms

TelevisaUnivision and Transmit, a market-leading technology platform that maximizes the audience and revenue of the world’s most valuable streamed content, announced a new partnership to introduce an industry-first vertical video advertising feature that seamlessly brings creator-driven social ads to streaming platforms (OTT).

Transmit empowers media companies to create new high-impact and unique advertising experiences. TelevisaUnivision and Transmit co-developed the new innovative ad format, streamlining the ability to showcase vertical video social media assets concurrently with live sporting events and tentpole entertainment on OTT channels.

This platform will enhance TelevisaUnivision’s music, sports, and entertainment content, seamlessly integrating creator-led social moments with premium digital video streams. By leveraging the abundance of in-house, custom-built creator content, TelevisaUnivision can now effortlessly extend its social media prowess into the realm of digital video, captivating audiences amidst a crowded digital landscape.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the TelevisaUnivision team to develop first-of-its-kind technology that not only expands audience reach but also enhances the effectiveness and impact of brand campaigns,” says Transmit Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Scott Young. “With the increasing popularity of OTT platforms, traditional advertising methods struggle to capture viewer attention. Together with TelevisaUnivision, we identified an opportunity for groundbreaking innovation. Vertical social video ads on streaming platforms will elevate brand relevance across all devices, driving awareness, lower-funnel KPIs, and anticipation for major initiatives.”

“We’re excited to partner with Transmit on this first-mover capability, bringing our viewers more of the in-culture, creator content they crave and connect with,” says Dan Riess, Executive Vice President, and Chief Growth Officer at TelevisaUnivision. “Incorporating vertical social video across the biggest moments in sports, entertainment, and music is a trailblazing opportunity for advertisers to extend their reach from social to the biggest screen at home.”

The new feature will be available starting today across In-Break advanced ad units, prominently featured across TelevisaUnivision’s music and entertainment properties and numerous Liga MX matches.