TV Azteca set to reconquer the US: Dulce Ávila with 40,000 hours of library, premium series and co-production

November 30, 2022

Miryana Márquez

Dulce Ávila de TV Azteca Internacional

“We have more than 40,000 hours available for the US at this time,” said Dulce Ávila, Sales Manager for TV Azteca Internacional to reconquer the market in the US.

She said that they also have a library of titles such as telenovelas, series, “we have premium series, shows, documentaries, unitaries”, which at this moment make up one of their strongest bets, together with series and unitaries.

TV Azteca has to offer a classic library catalog that, according to Ávila, is already known by the audience in Latin America and other parts of the world. “But at the same time we are bringing our great premieres and our great bets, such as Lotería del Crimen or Un Día para Vivir, which are recently produced content that we are promoting and launching this year in prime time,” she informed.

TV Azteca is also open to joint production. “We have a couple of projects that we are promoting and offering for co-production.”

The reconquest of the US territory will be led by a team including Ávila and Melissa Pillow, exclusive sales representative for Europe, Israel, the US, New Zealand and Australia. “We are very excited to visit all our partners again in this important territory,” highlighted Ávila.

Ávila revealed that TV Azteca’s strategy to reach the US is to participate in content markets and also personalized visits from its entire distribution team throughout the country.

“Starting in January we are going to tour across the US. Our bet is the entire territory. There are important focal points that we always have to visit in the first instance, but our best bet is the entire territory and obviously to grow,” Ávila emphasized.

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