Vanquish Media will launch the Curro streaming channel on April 15

March 31, 2024

Andrés Briceño Izarra

Vanquish Sports & Media Group is led by Andrés Tortarolo and the Argentine journalist and presenter Diego Korok

Vanquish Sports & Media Group, led by Andrés Tortarolo and the well-known Argentine journalist and presenter Diego Korok, announced exclusively to PRODU from Madrid that on April 15, they will launch a streaming channel called Curro.

Curro will be available on YouTube and Twitch and will begin broadcasts with a first two-hour central program, from Monday to Friday, in which different personalities will stop by the Vanquish studios (Curro) to talk about all kinds of things that happen to them during the show.

“The entire list of personalities that are part of the talents that we represent at Vanquish will be invited to Curro. That is undoubtedly a plus because these characters move masses and what we are aiming for with this channel is to attract new audiences from non-traditional media” said Andrés Tortarolo, Chief Revenue Officer at Vanquish.

“With Curro, we are targeting the Spanish-speaking public, mainly in Spain, the US Hispanic, and Latin America. This type of streaming channel – as in many in the region – is beginning to emerge with great force. In Madrid, we detected they do not have any, so we seized the opportunity to create a channel of these characteristics,” said Diego Korol.

They explained that they plan to have the same kind of programming as traditional TV but with the advantages these streaming channels offer, such as lower production costs, simpler production, where the king is the content, and the challenge of getting young audiences to consume very well-made content, not necessarily a blockbuster, but rather something nutritious and compelling.

Regarding the channel’s monetization, Tortarolo and Korol are betting on having the same income from advertising or views from the platforms they will be broadcasting. At the same time, they plan to include brands within the content, whether selling production services for a brand or with product placement or branded content models. “At Curro, we are going to play with different original formats, and maybe we will end up selling a format,” Tortarolo added.