ViendoMovies presents the Darín movie cycle

March 5, 2020

Miryana Márquez

SOMOS Ciclo Clarin

ViendoMovies presents a movie cycle starring actors Ricardo and Chino Darín (father and son) which begins on March, Sunday 8 with Muerte en Buenos Aires, a film full of drama based on the gay scene of the 80s in Buenos Aires.

On March, Sunday 15 premieres Kóblic. During the Argentine military dictatorship (late 70s), former Navy captain Tomás Kóblic (Ricardo Darín) participated in “the flights of death”, which earn this name because prisoners were thrown alive out of the plane into the sea.

On March, Sunday 22, the channel presents En Fuera De Juego where Diego, an Argentine doctor traumatized by soccer since his childhood, and Javi, a talent manager of boys, unites to take a young skillful soccer player (Chino Darín) to the Real Madrid soccer team.

La Cordillera will be on March, Sunday 29. This suspenseful movie develops at the Latin American presidents’ summit that takes place in La Cordillera, Chile.