OPINION Billy Pasos of Siprocal: Navigating the Digital Tide Across Latin America

9 de abril de 2024

Billy Pasos, EVP of Business Development at Siprocal

In the rapidly evolving world of multiscreen experiences, we face an inflection point in shifting consumer demand. This brave new world brings tremendous opportunity for brand marketers, but also significant challenges.

Legacy businesses such as print, broadcast, and cable are defunct, and entirely new frontiers have entered the mainstream. Nimble startups are launching mobile-first products, while large legacy players are striving to pivot and keep up. The advent of 5G, coupled with a surge in online activities like streaming and gaming, has opened new frontiers for advertisers and brands.

For users, faster internet allows for the emergence of new types of content on multiscreen channels and platforms, opening the space for more tailored and targeted audience segmentation.

Smartphones transcend their role as mere calling devices, serving as gateways to work, leisure, and communication. In Latin America, an astonishing 273.4 million people are mobile-first consumers, comprising 58% of the population. The impact of mobile devices extends beyond personal use, influencing the digital advertising sphere. Mobile inventory plays a pivotal role in supporting strategies across connected TVs (CTV) and out-of-home (OOH) media through geolocation access.

Siprocal, in collaboration with Comscore, reports over 200 million viewers reached by Connected TV in Latin America, marking a 72% surge in streaming subscriptions. The same research reveals that 61% of viewers recall seeing advertisements before their selected shows on CTV. Advertisers must now seize this pivotal moment, adapt campaigns to this new reality, and navigate diverse distribution and business models.

Another industry in exponential growth mode is gaming. With 420 million gamers, Latin America ranks as the world’s third-largest gaming region, with a $2.7 billion market set to reach $4.3 billion by 2028. The transformation of gaming into a professionalized industry through national and international competitions presents opportunities for brands to align with its vibrant gaming culture and communities.

The surge in popularity of streaming services and gaming, particularly in Latin America, has transformed media consumption habits and audience preferences. Advertisers must actively engage in this evolving landscape to connect with their audience. Leveraging Siprocal technologies, they have honed a method to precisely target and customize ads for consumers.

With those trends making their mark in Latin America, users can now access new content on emerging channels and platforms, creating massive opportunities for brand marketers to get it right. Siprocal has effectively solved the puzzle of reaching audiences at scale with ads. The technologies analyze consumer behaviors and transform them into tailored ads that align with the content they consume, whether on CTV, gaming, or mobile.

Siprocal is helping monetize this exciting future with three guiding principles:

Data-Driven Targeting: Siprocal leverages consumer behavior data to target specific demographics, interests, and preferences, ensuring that advertisements are tailored to the audience’s preferences for maximum impact. The sweet spot is greater audience segmentation, coupled with tailored ads that meet specific consumer demands.

Cross-Device Integration: In Latin America, we have seen an extreme spike in gaming and streaming users, which shapes the new digital landscape in terms of where to target consumers. In-game and streaming ads seamlessly integrate advertisements across various platforms, like CTV, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

Free ad-supported options:** **With the market testing new revenue models, production strategies, promotion, and monetization of its content, it’s expected that more free options supported by advertisements will arouse interest among the public and audience. In fact, Comscore data shows that paid subscriptions grew by 125% in 2023, the greatest growth figure among all streaming services. Linear channel models, fast channels, and video-on-demand advertising-based (AVOD) platforms offer advertisers a range of avenues to engage with a more cultivated and advertiser-qualified audience.

The opportunities are limitless for brands to reach more consumers, who are uniquely prone to purchase consideration, at the right time, on the right screen, and with the most relevant content. Achieving this holy grail of impact and effectiveness is not without challenges, but the future never is.

By Billy Pasos, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Siprocal