Comcast: We offer the best experience for any soccer fan

July 10, 2018

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Javier Garcia Comcast

In the last four years, Comcast has invested in technology to offer the best experience to soccer fans in the US.

“As Comcast, four years ago we established the goal of becoming the best soccer destination in the US and these have been four years integrating technology, launching applications in X1, integrating statistics and having the correct partners in terms of content. I think we are at a moment when I can state that Comcast, undoubtedly offers the best experience for any soccer fan,” emphasized Javier García, SVP, Sales, and Marketing for Florida at Comcast.

He highlighted that for this World Cup, they are doing very interesting things through artificial intelligence, which allows, once a game is recorded on the X1 DVR, to search for the most outstanding moments. “It is basically a 360º of everything related with the games. We will also be taking this technology to the mobile platform because we know it is very important,” he said.

When consulted on 4K, he expressed that they began to offer it in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Now, they offer all the clips that Telemundo delivers to them in 4K to subscribers who have 4K consoles. “We are going to continue investing in 4K and in other technologies. As you know, Netflix is integrated to the platform and has a lot of content in 4K and we give support to that content as well” he expressed.