Euronews: We are looking for partners to produce local content

April 5, 2024

Camille Burgess, Sales and Distribution Manager for Latin America, Euronews

Euronews needs to be part of the linear TV offers of large and small operators in Latin America, according to Camille Burgess, Sales and Distribution Manager for Latin America, who recently joined the channel and has extensive experience in news distribution.

“Traditional TV continues to be strong, and although we are already working with some of the leading TV operators in the region, we would like to increase our presence because our Spanish-spoken content is very appealing and attracts audiences throughout Latin America,” said Burgess.

She firmly believes that there is much to do in Latin America. In addition, news content and its online consumption continue to improve its position as it overcomes the great challenge of achieving a better Internet connection and the expansion of broadband in rural areas. “Our goal is to have a diversified presence in both pay TV and the FAST segment, and we are also looking for business partners to produce local content, which can be achieved by exploring agreements with local news networks.”

Euronews launched its FAST Euronews Español channel two years ago, which they consider an excellent opportunity for their business partners in the region to generate unique income streams with their live broadcasts. Currently, it is available on Roku in Mexico, on Samsung TV+ in Mexico and Brazil, and on ViX and Pluto TV in Latin America.

In terms of programming, this year they began distributing monthly highlights in Spanish. They will provide extensive coverage of all the elections that will take place during 2024, including Europe and six elections planned in Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and El Salvador.

Euronews will be reporting and offering special programming in situ, covering the US elections and their great effect on Latin American economies.