Jorge Colón of Letca and Hero just directed a film for ViX in Uruguay

April 10, 2024

Jorge Colón of Letca with Ríchard Izarra

Jorge Colón, director and producer, founder of Letca Films and Hero, spoke with Ríchard Izarra, editor-in-chief of PRODU, about his new projects, highlighting the most recent, the recording of a film in Uruguay for the Mexican-American platform ViX.

“I just landed from Uruguay, where I went – commissioned by ViX – to direct the film Mi Casa No Es tu Casa, a co-production between Néctar, Marvista, and Cimarrón. It is a project that is testing to produce certain things in Uruguay and finishing others in Mexico,” said Colón.

Colón, who has experience in production, commented that the idea to produce in Uruguay was to take advantage of the incentives.

Mi Casa No Es tu Casa is a family comedy starring Ana Claudia Talancón, David Chocarro, Andrés Almeida, Tato Alexander, Checo Perezcuadra, and Juanpi Monterrubio. It is about Andrés and Mía, who are madly in love, but Mía’s two sons, Facu (12) and Santi (8) hate her new relationship. Everything gets complicated when Andrés moves with them. Given this, the children join forces and will do everything possible to get rid of their mother’s new boyfriend and make him understand that this is not his house.

Colón has done four series and four films with his company, and after this project, commissioned by ViX, he will devote the rest of the year to his projects – films and series -. “It is a beautiful moment in which, due to my long experience in the industry and enough flight hours, I can face the challenges that arise. Furthermore, in all these years, the industry has grown, and I with it, so we know each other, and the marriage is already working.”