Televisa: The TelevisaUnivision exchange in each of our productions enriches us and make us more global

February 23, 2022

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Nicandro Diaz de TelevisaUnivision

For Nicandro Díaz, producer of Mi Fortuna es Amarte, which premieres on Univision next Monday the 21st at 9pm, content production under the TelevisaUnivision merger is enriched by the exchange between both companies.

“Our relationship with Univisión has been going on for many years, but of course, it is not like now. Before it was a partner, there were two companies that coexisted based on the products that were made in Mexico and that were broadcast on Univisión US. Now Univisión participates more. When a product is made, it is presented to both Televisa and Univision. Their points of view, their concerns are enriched. When a product is influenced by people who know TV such as Univisión and Televisa, everything adds up. We value this contribution,” he said.

For Díaz this has been a great experience and makes them more global. “The outcome is that these love stories transcend our borders, including the emotions and feelings of those who are in the US, because in the end we Latinos have many things in common.”

Regarding telenovelas, they always bet on values. “In a society, which sometimes shows decadence, with social, economic, and health problems, what better than inducing values through simple stories such as telenovelas?” he asked.

He believes that the intention of this merger is to spread, in a profound way, the Spanish language with the synergy that is happening between both teams, where the idea is that they work as one.