Daisy Expósito-Ulla,

Daisy Exposito-Ulla of d exposito & Partners: How lovely and gratifying to be honored by your tribe
30 de marzo de 2022

Daisy Exposito-Ulla, president and CEO of d exposito & Partners, has been honored with the FACE Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.

“As a Cuban it is really lovely and gratifying to be honored by your tribe. This is a legacy and honor for my family, who like so many immigrants came to the United States where, starting out with nothing, they struggled and worked hard to secure a good life for their children,” Exposito-Ulla said.

In that sense, she noted that her story reflects that of many others, for which reason she also sees it as a recognition of all their efforts.

FACE (Facts About Cuban Exiles) was founded in 1982 to defend the reputation of Cuban exiles and Cuban-Americans. Exposito-Ulla has been honored as a pioneer in multicultural marketing and brand communications following an admirable career on Madison Avenue that included leading The Bravo Group for Young & Rubicam. She then founded her own independent agency together with her husband, the filmmaker Jorge Ulla. Her name is also featured in the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Fame.

That prize has been awarded to such personalities as Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan and her husband Jorge Ulla. “Without any doubt, it touches your heart - and made me think about the last five decades of my life, as well as about my childhood in Cuba, then in Queens, New York, and about my dreams as a young girl. Also about my togetherness with my husband, who has helped me continue developing my ‘Cubanity.’ Having reached this point is very beautiful,” she said.

In the end she noted that the world continues to realize the importance of the Latino community, in terms of its growing influence. “More and more we realize the importance of our community, of its growth and impact that means we can all contribute.”