Luis Villanueva announced the creation of Somos Group to stimulate synergies among his companies
20 de junio de 2017

Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of Somos (Somos TV, Somos Productions, Somos Distribution and Somos Next) announced the creation of Somos Group to stimulate synergies among the companies under his management.

Somos Group will facilitate the growth of the Somos companies with content producers and distributors among clients in different regions, whether on traditional platforms or new digital technologies.

"We participate in different phases of audiovisual entertainment. Our companies have grown and reached a size such that coordination and pooling of services are advised, which will produce synergies, maintaining independence. This activity is now assumed formally, since the evolution of the industry is leading to the leveraging of resources. I believe that this will be good for the business at a time when our clients and the audience have more contact due to the growth of new distribution models and habits of content consumption," said Villanueva.

Villanueva added: "With the globalization of television and the overlap between windows, the integration of content distribution in all its forms and genres as well as its production, there are many areas that we hope to develop to the benefit of our shareholders and clients. Today, content development has to consider these points of contact to maximize yield."

Somos Group will create synergies for the companies among the different areas, including business development, the legal department, finance and marketing support.