AZ TV de Paga: Our strategy is focused on increasing distribution in Central and South America and the Caribbean

July 9, 2015

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

During 2015 AZ TV de Paga’s strategy is focused on increasing distribution in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.Jorge Gutiérrez, International Signal and Advertising Sales director thinks that with the complete offer of channels they have, which includes AZ Mundo, AZ Corazón, AZ Clic and AZ Cinema, they are going to increase penetration. He added that AZ Mundo and AZ Corazón are the two channels that paved the way, because they are renown and well received by the audience.“The four of them together are the perfect entertainment combination for the Latin and Spanish-speaking family in the rest of the world”, he expressed to PRODU.The aim is to work hand in hand with the pay TV operators in the region; for this, they created a Customer Attention Center that allows them to meet their demands more directly and solve three aspects: technical support, billing and collection and advertising spots. They want to use synergy in training the salesforce and supports with marketing material that allow them to generate branding with the final consumer. When consulted on OTT strategies, the executive highlighted that they are mainly focused on supporting pay TV operators through linear channels and some contents that they could submit to the same operator in charge of VOD; but he emphasized that their main experience is to create entertainment contents aimed at the linear channel.